cerec1Cerec is a form of cosmetic dentistry using computer aided CAD/CAM technology that allows high quality dental restorations. Utilizing Cerec, Dr Anderson can produce ceramic crowns and inlay/onlays, chair–side in one appointment; there is no need to for a return appointment!

Cerec’s ceramic material is bio-compatible with your natural tooth structure, this makes it long lasting and highly durable not to mention cost effective!

How is this Done?

  1. Using 3-D technology, Dr Anderson takes a digital photograph of the prepared tooth.
  2. Using the dental software, he then designs the restoration to be made.
  3. A solid ceramic block (colour matched to your surrounding teeth) is placed into the milling unit and the restoration is then milled.
  4. The ceramic restoration is then bonded with your tooth structure, adjusted and then polished.

This whole procedure for a single tooth restoration takes 1 ½ – 2 hours at most! Patients really like this new procedure because it is less evasive on the tooth structure. Better yet, Dr Anderson spends less time in the patients mouth because there are no impressions to be taken!