Martin Place Dental Sydney Dentist - First Visit

What to expect on your first visit to our Sydney Dental Clinic

Generally your first visit with dentist Dr Peter Anderson or Dr Leslie Regos is a comprehensive 1 hour appointment. Within this time he will review your medical and dental history and discuss with you your current dental needs.

We will complete a dental chart of past dental work as well as dental treatment to be done in the future. X-rays will be taken including 2 bitewing x-rays to look in between your back teeth for cavities. If needed Dr Anderson will take an OPG. This is a large x-ray that gets a good overview of all your teeth and jaw bone. OPGs are commonly taken when evaluating wisdom teeth.

If there is any remaining time, Dr Anderson may complete a restoration for you.

Medical history forms

To save time at your first dentist appointment please download and complete your confidential medical history form and bring it with you to your first appointment. (Download form by clicking here)

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