Sydney Dentist - Preventative Dentistry

preventive-dentistry-RHSSydney’s Martin Place Dental surgery not only provides you with cosmetic dental treatments by a highly qualified dentist but also has a strong focus on the prevention of dental disease such as periodontal disease. This is achieved by our Sydney dental surgery with a visit to our skilled dental hygienist, Lynda.

Gum disease and tooth decay can be prevented by good plaque and tartar control techniques at home and every 6 months with our dental hygienist. Such problems are less likely to progress into serious ailments that could require extensive and / or expensive dental treatment.

Dental hygienists are an integral part of the dental team.

The dental hygienist perform five main functions:

  1. Professional scaling and polishing of the teeth
  2. Evaluation of your gum health
  3. On an individual basis, offer personalised techniques for care of your teeth and gums at home
  4. Application of dental preventive agents such as fluoride
  5. Treatment of periodontal problems such as root planning to bring the gums back to health

Why doesn’t Dr Anderson take care of the preventive care?

Lynda is a dental hygienist specifically trained in the prevention and maintenance of the teeth and gums. She is able to offer more personalised preventive care and periodontal treatment whilst you still visit Dr Anderson for all your restorative care.