Teeth Whitening Sydney

There are two methods of teeth whitening offered at our Sydney dental surgery.

Take Home Method

The tooth whitening method we highly recommend is a treatment that you would do yourself at home. First we take impressions of your teeth. From these impressions, we are able to fabricate custom made trays specifically designed for your teeth only. You would wear the trays for 1 – 1/2hrs a day for 2-3 weeks for optimum tooth whitening results. During these weeks Dr Anderson or Dr Regos will review your progress and check the health of your gums.

Britesmile – In House Procedure

Britesmile is the other method of tooth whitening at our Sydney dental surgery. This method is an in-chair tooth whitening system. No mess no fuss! All we do is place tooth whitening gel on the teeth and place a plasma light over them to activate the gel. This procedure takes just over an hour of your time. There is nothing for you to do at home unless you wish to purchase a home maintenance kit for future “touch ups”.

We have been using the Britesmile tooth whitening for many years! Whilst it is an effective method of tooth whitening, it is not as effective as the custom made tray system in the long term. The most common use for the Britesmile tooth whitening system at the Sydney dental surgery is for a “quick fix” prior to a special event such as a wedding!

Tooth Whitening Q & A

Will bleaching or tooth whitening damage my enamel?
Are there any long term affects to whitening my teeth?
Does tooth whitening cause any dental pain?
Do the restorations on my teeth change colour with tooth whitening?
Will my teeth whiten evenly?
Tooth whitening procedures can be quite costly. Is this a regular expense for me now? What happens when my colour fades?

** NB: There has been no research completed into the use of either tooth whitening treatment during pregnancy or lactation. At this point in time, we are not recommending tooth whitening in these circumstances.